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By accessing or using and its services, you agree to these terms of use, conditions and all applicable laws. If you do not agree to these terms you may not use (exclusive dating). is an online dating site dedicated to mature audience. Therefore you have to be at least 18 years to join. By agreeing with the Terms of Use you confirm that you are over 18 years of age. People younger than 18 years of age or people who do not accept the Terms of Use must immediately terminate the registration and leave

  1. Only registered users can become members at and use all the services.
  2. Only users over 18 years of age who provide correct and complete information about themselves can register. It is not permitted to use other people's personal record when registering. has the right to judge whether or not the information the User has submitted when registering is correct, complete and accurate. (dating) has the right to remove the User from the list of registered users (delete registered users) and (or) take other actions if the User has provided incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate information about him/herself.
  3. The User is obliged to confirm one’s e-mail address, phone number or Facebook account. Otherwise, he or she is prohibited to use services of this dating site.
  4. The User is fully responsible for any damage that is caused or could be caused to and/or other Users by providing incorrect information.
  5. The User profile is created by using the provided data and information. Once the profile has been created the User profile information becomes accessible to other users.
  6. The User can restrict profile data availability to other users by choosing the appropriate profile settings in the profile.
  7. is not responsible for the availability and accessibility of any profile information to other users and (or) third parties.
  8. The user is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her username and password (hereinafter - the login data).
  9. The User must ensure the confidentiality of the login data and not to reveal them to third parties. If for any reason the login details have become known to third parties, the User must immediately inform dating) and immediately change the login information to block a third party from using them. The User is liable for any actions undertaken by third parties, if they were done by using the user's login data.
  10. has the right to block or restrict the User's access to other users' profiles without notice.
  11. By registering and submitting data and (or) information to, the User agrees that has the right to use the User's personal data and (or) other received information for statistical purposes.
  12. By registering at and agreeing with the Terms of Use the User agrees to receive an unlimited amount of information of any kind from and /or third parties.
  13. has the right to send an unlimited amount of information of any kind to the User by using her/his contact information that s/he provided to when registering. The User has the right to request to not send any information. In such case the User should send an e-mail to The e-mail address is found in Contacts.
  14. If the User informs via e-mail that s/he does not wish to receive any of the information listed in paragraph 11 has the right without notice to restrict or prevent the User from accessing
  15. The User's personal information and data provided when registering at will be preserved for 3 years from the last day the User has been logged in.
  16. has the right at any time without notice to change all or some of the services and /or the terms of use of the services as well as to restrict or prevent the User from accessing
  17. If the User's access to is restricted or if the User is prohibited from accessing because of reasons that are not listed in the Terms of Use the User has the right to demand extension of those services the User has paid but for some reasons could not access or access was restricted. Extension time compromises a time period that the services were unavailable or access to the services was restricted. The User has to demand extension in written form.
  18. Under maintenance work the access to and its services will be limited. will inform the User about maintenance work the same day maintenance work will be done. Paid services will be extended for the period that and/or its services were not available or access was restricted if the User demands it.
  19. The User has the right to refuse the services provided by at any time by terminating the registration. The User who terminates his/her registration for reasons that are not dependent on is not entitled to any refund of unused paid services.
  20. is not responsible for any damage the User or third parties have caused while using the services that provides.
  21. The User's information given at does not become the property of does not guarantee protection for the given information and data from unauthorized use
  22. The User must refrain from taking any actions that can do harm to, other users or third parties.
  23. Any Content which is prohibited by the Laws of Republic of Lithuania and international laws is prohibited at The following is a partial list of the kind of Content that is prohibited on the Website:
    22.1 promotes racism, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;
    22.2 could insult the honor and dignity, business reputation (and similarly) of every person;
    22.3 violates someone's privacy;
    22.4 could damage or endanger someone's health, life and property;
    22.5 breaches copyright;
    22.6 could violate any laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the European Union legislation, international treaties and other agreements.
  24. Distribution, promotion and advertising of pornography and sexual services are prohibited at It is prohibited to engage in advertising without permission.
  25. If by using the User has caused damage to, other users or third parties s/he has to pay for it.
  26. If the User engages in prohibited activities at her/his registration will be immediately terminated and the information given to which is under the legislation will be immediately removed and may be handed over to legal authorities and/or other competent authorities.
  27. The User who notices any prohibited information or observes prohibited activities at must immediately inform dating).
  28. The User is responsible for engaging in any prohibited activities and/or uploading prohibited information at will inform legal authorities and/or competent authorities about breaches of law.
  29. Administration has a right to lock or remove any profile picture, that does not correspond to website rules. Users can upload personal openly erotic pictures, but they have to be locked. Pictures, that contain minors, and where user is not visible or visible poorly, will be deleted without notice. It is also forbidden to upload several identical pictures.
  30. Any visit to the site using programming codes as well as codes of HTML or any scripting software usage with the purpose of obtaining benefits, harm the site or its members - is prohibited and the user profile will be immediately removed, and the violations if they are forbidden by laws and result in administrative or criminal liability shall be reported to the investigating authorities.

    By agreeing to the rules User agrees to indemnify the damage caused by activities which are contrary to the rules.

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