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"I'm single and looking for a female for socializing."
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Pisces usually attracts the opposite sex, because they manage to stress their sexuality and captivate others. They also will not miss an opportunity to improve their sexual skills, hoping, that it will be useful in the future with other partner. That’s why they spend a lot of time on romantic dates and pleasures.
Pisces are quite inventive in bed, and hope, that it will captivate their partner, and if that fails, they feel disappointment. That’s why they don’t like to talk about their desires, they hope that the partner will guess them.

Pisces mostly acknowledge traditional sex, and always in the bedroom, not anywhere else. That’s why you don’t have to be afraid to let them “swim in the deeper oceans”, as they rarely have love romances. But if sometimes happens that they relax too much and become frivolous and careless, they usually regret it. Because if they are left with broken illusions, they fall into melancholy or even depression.

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