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We are connecting hundreds of thousands of our members who search for love. We have created a dating site where everything is set for you to find it. From the design to the software code – we are helping you to communicate, to play and to enjoy the process.

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Monika and Deividas

She wrote me first and in no time our communication became daily. We are dating for a few months and never have been happier. Thank you! Me and Monika love each other very much. Good luck, team!

Inga ir Egidijus

We are together for more than a year now. Today we remembered this site, a website where we met, and logged in. We had a great laugh reading our first messages to each other and remembering how we felt back then. We are confident that we are made for each other so I guess it is time to remove our profiles. THANK YOU!!!


I wrote him first because I was impressed by his description, which was about the food. I wanted to mock him a bit but convinced me to extend the conversation. After some time, he invited me on a date. At first he became my friend and shortly – my love. We spent these holidays together and he made my birthday extraordinary. Thank you and I hope I will not come here again :)

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Finding your other half is one the most important tasks in one’s life. How many times have you dreamt of finding the one who is next to you, the one to flirt with and friends to say: “what a couple”? Pace of life gets quicker every day and new goals and commitments are in a way to find true love. Hotvibes.com is not one of average dating sites. We understand what you are going through, so we created a free internet dating site hotvibes.com for people who want to communicate and expand their circle of friends.

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