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"I'm single and looking for a female for any dating."
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Sexual life of Gemini is versatile. If not due to a high number of partners, then for the willingness to experience new emotions, preparation for bold experiments. Overall, they are attracted to anything that is exotic.

The representatives of this sign are capable satisfying almost any partner, even if deep inside their heart they might feel indifferent about this partner. But when it comes to them, they demand exclusive attention and genuine relationships. If they start to sense coldness from partner, they loose any interest in them.

Gemini are great lovers, because their intuition help to understand their partners needs from small hints, and even guess. Gemini are people with whom you could have a one night stand. They even look for that them selves quite often: closeness without any obligation, because they tend to avoid daily routine and monotony. Even when they are married.

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