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"I'm single and looking for a female for any dating."
Replies extremely selectively.
When in love, Aquarius becomes not only romantic, but also very sexy. They tend to chose partners amongst those, who usually don’t care about them. They draw their strength from conquering an impregnable fortress. Easy prey is not interesting for Aquarius. That’s why they manage to demonstrate their charm and other sexual qualities when conquering the opposite sex.

Aquarius usually makes a good impression amongst sexually active people, but he himself is only theoretically interested in sexual life. They are more into intellectual talks, rather then physical closeness, as they want to remember long talks about life, and not strong passionate moments. That’s why Aquarius is not a good lover. Unless their partner would take the lead and direct them to a correct path.

Although it’s hard to tell is Aquarius is satisfied with his partner, because often they don’t know it them selves. You don’t have to tell Aquarius that they are irreplaceable in love, because they think that they are unique and special. Aquarius appreciate beauty, but will accept people as they are.

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