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"I'm single and looking for a male for real dates, normal relationships, socializing."
Replies extremely selectively.
The sexual life of a Scorpio is very unequal. When young they save them selves and enjoy platonic love. Later on they tend to demonstrate their gained experience, but not always in a positive way. Scorpio magically attracts others, they’re always thirsty for love, and sometimes they get so sexually relaxed, balancing on the edge of looseness and profanity.
Although Scorpio highly values erotic pleasures, dignity and self-respect is always in the first place. That’s why they can refrain from sexual relationships, if they think this could help them in their careers. Interestingly, Scorpio will always refuse to a chance to get ahead for sleeping with someone, but later tend to regret it.

Doesn’t matter whether Scorpio is in a relationship or not, they always attract new sexual partners. They have a strong natural attraction, and it’s usually hard to resist them. Scorpios also are very good at selecting good looking, interesting and smart partners. They cast their web widely, and this sometimes has a negative impact on their reputation.

By the way, a short fling with a Scorpio is usually one of the greatest things for his partner. Because Scorpios are not only inventive and playful in the bed, but also in conquering the opposite sex.

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