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"I'm single and looking for a female for socializing."
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Cancer attracts attention of the opposite sex from their early days. They are not only romantic dreamers but also ten to get involved with love romances. They will not be fascinated by the first person they meet, but if they feel attention from others they melt like chocolate.

In their sex life Cancers are more students then those who experiment. It’s because they don’t have a strong temperament, but they are always trying not to disappoint their partner. When in love Cancer starts loosing self confidence, and it might seem that he becomes cold towards relationship.

When it comes to love life their good sense of humor comes in hand. They might have a laugh if a first kiss was not successful, but if the first sex fails, then they might be really disappointed. They start worry and stress, and usually do something for which they might regret later.

Overall Cancer is very cautious in their love affairs. But despite that, they tend to have flings that usualy damage their spiritual health. On the other hand, Cancers are quite cynical and get disappointed by love very quickly, that’s why they change partners leaving a footprint in their memory for the rest of the life.

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