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"I'm single and looking for a female for marriage."
Replies extremely selectively.
Born under this sign usually start their sex life quite early. Nonetheless, Aries all his life is more towards experimenting then being an expert in his intimate life. Aries passion is always fresh, new and excited, that’s why this sign loves a new partner like it’s the first one. Besides Aries is naturally sexually active and his stamina helps them to be inexhaustible in sex.

Not only in his intimate life, but overall in life Aries is constantly looking for something new, he wants to be evaluated. Compliments and adoration inspires Aries to search for new sexual achievements.

Women Aries is extremely courageous in her sexual experiments. Although a man Aries is more careful, because he will not stand a total fiasco. He also is not afraid to get caught in funny or weird situations and might suggest women to have sex in a surprising place.
Aries can frighten his partner with his demands, but also later on surprise with his tenderness and attention. These properties are extremely in tune with his passion, sometimes even crossing over to aggresivnes.

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