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"I'm single and looking for a female for body pleasures, normal relationships, marriage."
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Usually they are struck by first love in their early childhood, that’s why all their life they can easily fall for anyone, truly commit to every love romance. Saggitarius is a romantic person, quickly falls in love, but is not that stable. It might seem that Saggitarius collects his love romances, but he truthfully falls in love each time, and really worries when breaks up.

They should not be judge for being so giddy. They’re just to active to be loyal. If they are lucky to find a partner who manages to support them and understand, and at the same time keep up with them, this kind of relationship might become serious, passionate, and long-term as well.

Although you will have to try really hard. As Saggitarius enjoys sex when changing partners, not improving his sex life with the one which is close to him at that moment.

Saggitarius does not count his sexual encounters, but that does not mean that he is good at it. Besides, they are always afraid that their true feelings might surface, and they tend to limit their relationship to just sex. That’s why they like dating anyone who is involved with some one else as well, as they know that they won’t have to feel obligated to that partner.
And even this sometimes bores them. Saggitarius is also rarely offers to add something new into e sex life, but gets excited when a partner offers something.

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