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"I'm single and looking for a female for real dates, body pleasures, online chat."
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Even though Capricorns tend to be very rational, they might fall in love in a second, and later be surprised by their actions. Capricorns value loyalty, stability and traditions, but sometimes they fall in love with a totally different persona. They also rarely have spouse and lover at the same time. When it comes to family, they try to have it as later on as possible, having gone through several love romances. Others sometimes loose interest in their sexual life.

In their sex life Capricorns tend to be quite traditional and even if they think about experimenting, they will never admit it, and rarely realize it. Capricorns might surprise their partner with stamina, and they are very tender.

Short fling with Capricorns might be interesting mostly sex wise. Because their not kind of person who rushes on a date with flowers, and shows attention constantly – romantic walks in the moonlight is not their strong side. But they tend to have stable and consistent feelings. And if the Capricorn is with a person whom he trusts, he becomes playful, charming and careless.

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