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"I'm single and looking for a male for socializing."
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Gorgeous, smiling and attractive. Representatives of this sign easily charm others, but they them selves are not easily seduced. They’re quite picky towards partners, and will not fall for just about anyone. Even if they fall in love, they will not rush into bed. Even though they radiate sexuality, what seems to be a great bate for potential love victims.

The sex life of Libra is a peace of art: they tend to enjoy everything that sexual relationship provides, but at the same time they’re not hasty in devoting only to passion. Sometimes Libra might have several relationships at the same time, but not because they are slutty, but only to chose the most suitable partner. Libra will not refuse sex even if there are no feelings left. With, common to them persistence, they find arguments, that prove, they don’t have to rush in breaking up with a partner they once loved. Since Libra is not naturally rude, they always try not to hurt anyone, even those who they don’t love anymore.

Nevertheless, Libra has their share of bad relationships. Probably because they tend to weigh, doubt and hesitate too much. You can be jealous of one thin – they really good at ignoring disappointments and broken expectations.

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