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"I'm single and looking for a female for socializing."
Replies extremely selectively.
Young Virgo stands out with their idealistic view about the world and usually search for the one and only true love. That’s why they are more loyal then any of the other signs. And when they start their sexual life, they don’t share their stories, and because of that might seem like saints.

The person dating a Virgo might not even notice a special attention, because Virgo, on one hand do not open their emotions quickly, and on the other hand – they skeptically evaluate even potential partners. That’s why platonic love without response is common in their love life, not passionate romances. And if the Virgo fall for passion, they should be very careful, because their deep emotions might lead to a tragic end.

When dating Virgo usually does not spare any efforts, for the romance to be perfect in every aspect, including sex life. Although sex life doesn’t really interest them. Virgos hate liars, that’s why they are honest with their partners, and expect the same in return. Virgo knows, what it means to be in a serious relationship, and never confuse them with accidental sex.

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